The Rise Or Fall Of America Is In The Hands Of Church

In Americatastrophe, Josh diagnoses the Church as a major part of the problem in America today. It calls her back to wholehearted devotion to Jesus in prayer, fasting, coporate gathering and acts of righteousness.

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"A lukewarm, backslidden Church is the root of America’s decline. A fiery Church operating in the manifest power of God is the antidote."

From Chapter 3, An Honest Diagnosis

Origins of Americatastrophe

There is a major problem in the Church today. The front lines of defense for a nation IS THE CHURCH. Yet, we are content with our weak form of religion that does very, very little to transform the culture of America for righteousness and holiness.

During the last century in America since 1909 during the Azusa Street Revival in California, church engagement among the generations has gone from 65% in that generation, to a mere 4% engagement in the current generation. No political party, no special interest group, no church or denominational organization, no move of God since 1909 has managed to turn this mass exodus of worshippers in America. Politics IS NOT the solution. It’s kind of a start, but only a start, and by no means an end. The problem in America isn’t even that the ‘unbelievers are wicked’ (that’s a given – to what “standard” do we hold them accountable?) – the problem is that the Church is backslidden, often immoral and borderline wicked themselves. We are but a whisper from our secular culture. We live on the fringes of a declining society, instead of living counter to our society.

Don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want to sound a over zealous rally cry that calls to battle us for a while,tires out the faithful, and fizzles out after a couple weeks. We need something deeper. We need a fundamental transformation in the Church – which will result in a fundamental transformation in America. We need a massive move of God, the like of which we haven’t seen in over 100 years. How can we hope to shift a nation back to God, when we ourselves are in desperate need of turning wholeheartedly to God? Before we can ever transform this culture, we need transformation.

I’m not talking about salvation here. I’m talking about the way our day-to-day lives are expressed. How we live out our life on the inside, where no one can see but you and God, and how we live together in the context of corporate worship and intercession. The prophet Joel’s remedy is this: Wholeheartedly turn to God, gather together in prayer & fasting from the leadership down, and cry out to God for mercy until He answers by sending a massive move of the Spirit that transforms the people of God and the nation as a whole.

These are the origins of Americatastrophe – birthed in prayer in the pain of my heart for a nation in deep trouble. The call of Americatastrophe is to sober us up to the realities staring us in the eyes, and give us the knowledge and weapons to confront them in ourselves and others, turning our nation back to God and His ways.

"Americatastrophe is a teaching rooted in the prophetic spirit. It contains material that will undoubtedly be difficult for some to digest; yet, Josh penned it in a manner that will connect the reader to the pulse of God’s heart."

From the Foreword by David Halvorsen

Joshua Lundquist

Over the last 6 years, in my spare time, I've been writing this book. It's been a long haul, and a rewarding journey. In addition to writing, by trade I'm a UX web developer. I love tinkering with things and designing things. I've spent the better part of the last decade doing freelance design & development. While I love working with clients, freelancing, and consulting, I’m driven to help other aspiring entrepreneurs master the business of a startup.

In addition to this book, I also write and podcast weekly for my audience. I’m the founder of Black Olive Design – a design and development company – & Startup Partner – a consulting service to startup businesses. I live in Wisconsin with my wife, two daughters and one son.

The rest of my time is spent doing things with my family, playing basketball and golf.

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